Drop Down Days

Drop Down Days

We have organised a series of drop down days, the purpose of these days is to raise awareness in relation to social issues that may potentially affect students in school and within the wider community, in terms of the implications and possible consequences. The drops down days have helped students gain a deeper understanding as to how they can safeguard themselves. The workshops are thought provoking and support students in knowing which professional agencies they should contact if they are affected by any of the issues discussed.   


The topics covered in the workshops are as follows:


·      Healthy relationships

·      Preventing teenage pregnancies

·      Gang culture awareness

·      First Aid

·      E safety

·      Raising self-esteem and self-awareness

·      CSE

·      Staying safe within the community

·      The reality of prison life

·      Peer pressure

·      Grooming

·      Aspects of law

·      Indecent material and Sexting

·      Joint enterprise

·      Weapon Awareness