School Camp

Over 70 years ago, a former Art teacher Henry Wilkins left us some land near Hastings in Sussex and a sum of money. The purpose was to enable us to take our students out of London to spend time learning about the rural environment. The money was placed in a trust to ensure that future generations would continue to benefit from this valuable experience.


Every July since then, we have taken groups of students to camp on the land which consists of a wood and a field. Right up until the 1960's, a truck would take all the equipment and the students would cycle! A school hut was built for lessons, dining and activities when the weather let us down. A garage provided a space to cook and a further hut meant that all the tents and equipment could be safely locked away. We have fresh water but no electricity so the students have to manage without their technology. A phone line enables the essential daily contact with school and access to emergency services should the need arise. 


School Camp is open to all Key Stage 3 students. Staff volunteer to support Camp by giving up their time from Monday to Friday.  It’s really hard work but so rewarding to see how much the student's gain from the experience. They always return exhausted but healthy from all the fresh air, good food and opportunities that Camp provides to explore the local resources. A full program of activities is planned by the experienced Camp leaders to ensure that students have a range of educational opportunities. 


For so many Addeyans, old and new, Camp provides memories that last a life time.