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Compelling Learning

Compelling Learning at Addeys

Learning is the most important thing that happens at our school. Students and staff learn together so we can help each other be the best that we can be.

Our Vision:

To build a culture of compelling learning shared and owned by all stakeholders (students, teachers, support staff, parents, governors).  What lies at the heart of ‘compelling learning’ is consistency with all stakeholders being 100% committed and 100% uncompromising.’

Building Compelling Learning:

At Addeys we believe that we build Compelling Learning by ensuring we provide opportunities for all students to be challenged using our “Thinking Hard” principles.  This in turn provides opportunities for the students to develop as learners by demonstrating the Compelling Learning behaviours and at the same time build their understanding. This means they do not just learn the Facts but can connect these to other learning, apply them in new contexts and express their learning simply and clearly.

Click here for a document which summarises the Compelling Learning process at Addeys.