Remote Learning

January 2021

With the national lockdown in place, Addey’s students will be engaging in remote learning this half-term.

Students will be set three to four activities each day by their teachers, according to a timetable specific to their year group.

Click here for the remote learning timetables

In addition to the subject activities in this timetable, students will engage with pastoral and well-being activities such as assemblies, check-ins and ‘keep active’ activities.

Remote learning and pastoral activities will be communicated to students through Show My Homework ( - a tool which we have been using across the school for the past few years.

Parents can also access Show My Homework to view the activities their child is being set, and to see which activities have been completed

Teachers will use a range of activities to engage students in remote learning. These could include, amongst others; Pre-recorded lesson, live lessons, quizzes, written tasks and assignments.

We are mindful of the barriers which students may face with engaging in remote learning and will work with families to minimise any of the barriers they face. If students have any issues with subject-specific learning they should contact their teacher. For any other issues they should contact their tutor, or someone in their pastoral team, in the first instance.

We advise all students to follow these steps to support them in engaging in remote learning:


remote learning graphic



During Lockdown, Addey and Stanhope successfully launched 'live' lessons through Microsoft Teams. This involved students logging onto their device and being able to participate in a live, scheduled lesson with their subject teachers.  All sessions were recorded and strict Safeguarding and E-safety guidelines were adhered to in every session. 

During live lessons teacher are visible, students are not visible to the teacher or any other students.  They are only able to communicate through audio means or the chat function. 


How long are live lessons?

Lessons vary in length and will be anything from 30 minutes to one hour. 

What format are the lessons?

As close as possible to normal lessons – Teachers introduce new content / task using PowerPoint or other appropriate means.  Students  have the opportunity to participate and ask questions directly.

How will my child know they have a ‘live’ lesson?

Students will receive an invite on their school email address which will automatically go into their school calendar.  They need to accept the invite.  On the day and time of the lesson, they should go to the invite or calendar entry and click ‘Join’


Microsoft Teams: How to for Students

You can use teams on almost any device, by simply going to from a computer or downloading the app on your mobile device:

School system:

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