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Welcome to Addey and Stanhope, which has been a key part of Deptford’s unique, vibrant community for 300 years. We are committed to giving your children an exceptional education in a caring, welcoming environment.

My son recently had the benefit of an Addey’s education, loved the school’s unique, family atmosphere, with its special pupils – and staff, who so often went well beyond the call of duty.

All of our team aim to give your child an exceptional education. We strive to offer a unique experience, including excellent Workplace-Related Learning recently highlighted by the Mayor of London. 

If you’ve followed the recent press discussing the 2016/17 league tables, I’d like to point out that the recent figures which suggest the school has poor academic results are misleading. These figures include our Lexis department, for children with unique Speech, Language and Communication needs. We are overjoyed to have these children within our community; they access an alternative curriculum, which makes a significant difference to our topline results.

We are focused on improving these results further, while maintaining our unique mix and our policy of inclusion. We don’t resort to statistical devices such off-rolling children (which has caused thousands of vulnerable children to disappear from the system, in order to manipulate results). We are rated as a Good school, are on a journey to Outstanding, and a closer, objective analysis of the statistics confirms this. 

Dr. Paul Trynka, Chair of Governors, Addey & Stanhope


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