Year 9 Young Interpreters

We are proud to announce that a group of bilingual year 9 students has completed the prestigious Lewisham Young Interpreter’s scheme, led by Miss Von Pfefer. These students learnt what it means to be an interpreter and developed some of the skills necessary to interpret between their home language and English. This term the Young Interpreters have been awarded their certificates and are identifiable by their badges which also show which languages they speak.  Young Interpreters can be used to:

  • Show visitors around the school, particularly EAL new arrivals
  • Support other EAL learners in the classroom.
  • Provide taster lessons in other languages for students and or staff
  • Buddy up with new arrivals during their first few weeks to demonstrate school routines etc.
  • Assist communication  with other students/ parents/ carers who are new to English in order to support school staff
  • Interpret pieces of writing for other EAL learners
  • Welcome parents at school events, use bilingual skills to meet and greet, or present information in other languages

Our young interpreters are:


Amy, Shayla, Lucy, Jenny, Lateef, Quawy, Ismael, Maria, Iuri, Nicolas and Taiba. Well done to all of them