Year 7 Football report

A Student's perspective

The Year 7 boys were finally able to put their training sessions to good use on Friday when they played their first match of the season.  Mr Mason is their coach alongside Terry from Year 12 and former Addeyan Dan Fisher.  The game was an away fixture on a lovely grass pitch  -  very different to training in the playground!


Addeys played some fantastic football.  There were a few great runs down the wing with crosses to players who ran on to the goal.  Our keeper, Sifer, did some brilliant saves despite being under pressure for a lot of the game.  In fact he was so good that he had to be poached to play in a Year 9 fixture this week because their team was short of players!


The goals were scored by:


Calvin, 7E     2 goals

Gabriel, 7S   1 goal

Will, 7P         1 goal

Lekun, 7P     1 goal


The final score was 5-8.  Although it is disappointing to have lost the game it was actually extremely close and the team is already looking forward to their next fixture on Thursday.  Good luck boys!