Latin Trip to Cambridge

On Wednesday 20th November, years 10, 11 and 12 Latin students visited Cambridge University which allowed them to gain more knowledge on the Latin language and Roman history. They were given a tour around the Museum of Classical Archaeology (which is actually in the University!) and got so see the plaster casts that were in the museum that brought Roman history to life.


They then went on to have an inspiring lecture by Ingo Gildenhard about 'Spectacles in Republican and Early Imperial Rome'. They each showed their intellect by answering the University style questions thrown at them in detail.

After in Gonville and Cauis college lunch the students were given a tour around the town before they returned to school.


The Latin trip not only educated the students in the Latin language and Roman history but gave them some insight into what student life is like at Cambridge – we might be seeing some of our students studying there in the near future!