Engineers to the Science Museum

In November 2013 a group of five very lucky Year 8 Lexis students were guided to the London Science Museum by five very mature Sixth Form BTEC Level 3 Engineering students. The aim of the visit was to inspire students to continue studying Science and learn more about the world of Engineering. The Sixth Form students acted as great mentors. The day started with a VIP tour of the Sixth Form centre by the year 12 students.

Navigating the London Underground System

The sixth form students guided us through the stunning Jubilee line tube system. It was a great opportunity to discuss the materials used and the amazing architecture of this state of the art transport system.


Discussing the Universe

We were able to pop in quickly to the amazing entrance hall of the Natural History Museum.

It was great to see the Sixth form students discussing and debating how the Universe, works whilst every-one else was able to explore the world in our own time. 


The 3D Printing Exhibition

There was so much to see and do at the science museum but we focused on the 3D print exhibition . There was a really clear and educational interactive display about this new technological process.

3D printing has changed medical science, product design, engineering and the modern world we live in . The Sixth Form students will be setting up the 3D print machine here in the DT department. 



On our return we stopped off just to see Westminster Palace and a quick walk down to the Royal Society of Engineers.

It was great to see all the students behaving so sensibly and representing the school so well. It was a really valuable day and one I will always remember.

Thank you very much to Jordan, Jordz, Alfie, Terry, Ibrahim, Layla, Jessie, Chante, Jessica and England and Ms Busby.