Year 9 H.U.G takes charge of the classroom!

“On Monday the 13th of January, the Year 9 Humanities Upper Group were given the opportunity to take on the role of teachers, teaching a small class of T7 students a History lesson based on Roman soldiers. The initial idea was to give us, as students, the unique experience of what it actually feels like to be a teacher but also ensure that the students we taught went home that day learning something new and that we could even go home with some new found knowledge, (which we did!)


The first half of the lesson consisted of a starter, where we got the students to label the armour and weapons of a Soldier. The main body of the lesson involved explaining what you had to do to become a Roman Soldier and the training involved. Next, we explained tactics and decoy - getting the 6 students to try and demonstrate some basic formations and how this would benefit the army.


As this was our first time doing anything of this nature, we did get off to a shaky start, not knowing where to stand or how to address the students, but as the lesson progressed, we realized that engaging with the students more and adding something more practical to the lesson made it easier to obtain their focus.


Under the observation of Mr Taylor, Head of History, Mr Webb, Year 9’s Head of Year, and Ms Denning, a humanities teacher, there was clearly a huge amount of pressure! However, we tried not to let their presence affect us too much.


Without question, we would all say that it was an exhilarating experience and we would look forward to doing something like it again. There have been discussions about going on to teach a lesson at a Primary school, so we look forward to hearing some more news of that!”


Anita, 9P