Battle of the Books:

Tuesday February 11th saw 14 staff facing 14 students in a Battle of the Books event in the library.


The students , in Year 7 and 8, challenged their teachers to read the same book as them over the course of this half term. Ms Potter was challenged by Moriam to read and enjoy the delights David Walliams’s popular “Ratburger”  book, whilst Ms Ashton and Alicia both read Jacqueline Wilson’s “Hetty Feather”, and Angelina and Ms Tappous read the perhaps more challenging “Life of Pi” by Jan Martel.


The Librarians then asked both staff and students to set each other 10 questions on their book and meet in the library on February 11th at lunchtime to meet each other in a head to head and see who had read the book most carefully.


It was a tight contest and clearly some staff had read their books too quickly and had not retained the details of the story, whilst some students had perhaps set some very challenging questions.


The overall results were:

Draws - 3

Staff Wins : 5

Student wins 6


So the team of 14 students are the overall winners and will receive a gold cup and prizes of books in assembly.


We hope to repeat the event next year so staff will perhaps have a chance to claim back the Battle of the Book trophy if they are prepared to meet the challenge!


Ms Taylor and Mrs Bentley, Librarians