Sport Relief

For the first time ever Addey and Stanhope took part in Sport Relief and what an amazing week we have had.  600 students and a few members of staff took part in the Sport Relief Mile. 

Every student in Year 7 to 11 took part in their PE lessons and a few Year 12 boys took part as well. 

The PE Department was very impressed with the effort and enthusiasm everyone displayed and we are looking forward to an even bigger and better Sport Relief Mile event in 2016. 

Addeys did better overall than the other houses  -  perhaps there has been a fix there!  The best results for each year group are:


Year 7


B:     Lekan, 7P     7:17    

G:     Chloe, 7P     9:20


Year 8


B:     Marcus, 8A     7:17

G:     Jalia, 8E     9:12


Year 9


B:     Ibrahim, 9A     6:43

G:     Gloria, 9A     8:20


Year 10


B:  Tobi, 10A  6:25

G:  Nermine, 10S     9:12


Year 11


B:  Ryan, 11A  6:06 (the school record)

G:  Muna, 11A 7:59 (fastest girl)


Year 12


Abdi     6:44

Nelson  7:00

Terry    7:10

Tanaka 9:04

Staff Times


Female:     Ms Emirhan     7:25

Male:        Mr Webb        7:49