Normandy Trip

From the 14th March 2014 to the 17th March 2014 I went on a amazing trip. This trip was with the Modern Foreign Languages department and of course Mr Davis. This trip involved 41 students ranging from year 9 all the way to year 12, this also included 5 teachers and our wonderful coach driver Sid-who stayed with us and kindly took us to all our destinations.


On Friday the 14th everybody had to be at school for 4am and we left for France at around half past. We took the coach for what seemed like days and days and we finally arrived at Dover, catching an earlier ferry than expected. The ferry was a strange experience,to say the least. Again taking the coach, we stopped in a town called Honfleur, where we made our first purchases in French. It was a lovely town by the docks and it even had its own replica of the 'Deptford Anchor.' After spending some time there we headed for Normandy. We got to the PGL site in Normandy. It was called Château du Tertre, meaning Castle on the mound. We then settled in to our rooms, ate dinner and had our evening activity which was the 'Mini Olympics.' This consisted of various races and games that made people look ridiculous. The next morning we met at 7:50,French time. This would be 6:50,English time. After eating breakfast and having a short French lesson we headed to the market. We bought all the ingredients we needed for a cold meal that we was going to make in a masterchef style. We was judged on 3 things-taste, presentation and value for money. Unfortunately, my team didn't win despite our efforts.


  That afternoon, everyone took part in abseiling, rock climbing and trapeze. It was great fun. That evening we had the 'have a go' show. This included more people looking ridiculous with games like Chubby Bunny. It was hilarious, and Andres, year 12 accidentally spat a marshmellow half way across the room.  It was hilarious and definitely one of the highlights of the trip.


  Sunday morning came about rather quickly and it soon dawned on everyone that that afternoon they would be in a river, in a boat of 3,by themselves. In other words,it was the day that canoeing would commence. I was terrified, to say the least. In the morning we went to town. We started the day with a tour of the bakery, that cost €2.50,we made croissants from fresh dough, saw how they are made and given step by step instructions in to how they are made. We was split in to two groups to do this and one group was tasting freshly made croissants,fresh from the bakery itself. Next, we did a  questionanaire, consisting of 17 questions in french as well as directions on where we needed to go in french. It really wasn't the easiest thing to translate but I think my group did very well considering the lack of understanding we had.


  When we got back to our accommodation, we got ready for canoeing. I can officially say that canoeing was one of the most terrifying experiences that I have even taken part in. Only two boats fell in the river and I can guarantee that they weren't best pleased. It was really hard to canoe and it was hard to get the technique right in order to stop us crashing in to trees. It was very tiring and I was very glad to get back to our room and start getting ready for the disco that night.


  Everybody was well and truly exhausted the next morning so it's a good thing that people were packed and ready to go. On our way back to London we stopped off at a French supermarket and we got some souvenirs. Finally we took the Euro tunnel and arrived home early. Overall, it was a very enjoyable trip!


By Molly Gazzard