English Department Theatre Trips

Recently, the English department has organised two trips for more able pupils.

On Tuesday 4th March, thirty pupils from Years 10-12 went to Theatre Royal, Stratford East, to see Oh What a Lovely War. This production, which starred Caroline Quentin, uses songs from World War I to try to show what the war was like from the point of view of ordinary soldiers. Year 12 students will be able to use this as part of their wider reading for the upcoming AS English Literature exams, while it has helped to develop the background knowledge of Year 11 students studying conflict poetry.

On Wednesday 19th March, thirty Year 9 pupils travelled to Shakespeare’s Globe on Bankside to see a performance of The Merchant of Venice. This was the first taste of the play for students, all of whom will be studying it in the Summer Term. The play was funny and enjoyable, and our pupils were commended for their behaviour by theatre staff.