Humanities News

Last week, HUG went on an exciting but scary trip to the London Dungeons. The trip was met with much anticipation from the students (and teachers!) Below is a write up from Shayla in 8E to explain what happened on our night in the murky London Dungeons…


“Recently, on the 24th of March 2014, Humanities Upper Group (HUG) had gone to the London dungeons. We were accompanied by Miss Denning, Mr. Webb and Mr. Mason.

The trip was a really exciting and nearly everyone (Mr. Webb didn’t look scared all the way through!) had got scared (especially Miss Denning).


The trip may sound fun, however the trip was an educational trip as well as having fun. The students and teachers had met with Henry VIII, while on a boat getting wet. Then, on the roads of Whitechapel, was an old pub where we stopped as it was raining, and didn’t meet up with anyone else but….. Jack The Ripper! It was really scary as he popped up in everyone’s face, and had given us a fright or two. But the funniest part was when Mr. Mason was getting picked to do the most ridiculous things.


Everyone had enjoyed themselves and was very pleased with the entertainment and the staffs were really good and scary.”


Shayla 8E