Outstanding GCSE Results

The school achieved some of its best ever GCSE results this year. Over two thirds of students achieved 5 A*-C grades including English Language and Mathematics.

There were some spectacular individual successes, including the following students: 


  • Charlotte: 9A*, 3A
  • Ana: 4A*, 8A, 1B
  • Jamie: 4A*, 6A, 2B
  • Elsie: 4A*, 6A, 2B
  • Harrison: 4A*, 5A, 2B
  • Britania: 3A*, 8A, 1B
  • Sam: 3A*, 8A, 1B
  • Naomi: 3A*, 6A, 3B
  • Doyin: 2A*, 5A, 4B
  • Lauren: 2A*, 4A, 5B

The school is very  proud of the achievement of all our students. All students in the  specialist speech and language base achieved at least one A*-G pass.

Over 95% of pupils achieved A*- C in the school's first ever Latin GCSE course. Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, full course RE and PE all had a 100% success rate at A*-C. In   Textiles, 90% of students achieved an A*-C grade.

The school is  delighted at the prospect that many of these highly achieving students have chosen to continue their studies at the Addey and Stanhope Sixth Form, where over 80% of students achieved A-C passes at AS this year. They will join a growing number of academically successful students from other schools to create what we are confident will be our most successful A Level cohort yet.