Addeys in Europe

On April 22-24, 6 Addeys Year 12 debating students (Sophie Long, Thomas Rigby, Sam Taylor, Jaffar Aly, Daniel Nana-Klouvi and Geraldine Luu) accompanied by Mr. Taylor went to the European Parliament in Strasbourg to meet and discuss current European politics and policies with 500 students from all countries of the European Union. They had won the trip as a result of their outstanding presentation ‘Have we lost the European ideal?’ at Lewisham Town Hall in March.  Addeys students also went with other Lewisham students from Sydenham/Forest Hill 6th Form and Sydenham High as well as Young Mayor Liam Islam.


After travelling on the Eurostar train service, the students met at the European Parliament and grilled senior representatives about current questions such as unemployment and immigration/refugees. Students were informed of the desire for action of the EU – but that that desire was hampered by lack of powers delegated by sovereign states. After this introduction to European ‘realpolitik’ Addeys students went into working parties with students to discuss and decide possible policies to address leading European issues. It was great to see 2 Lewisham students on the final podium broadcasting their group view on the possibility of a European Army and a proposed European minimum wage – speeches which were streamed directly from Strasbourg on the world wide web.


The day ended with one of the Addeys students, Jaffar Aly, being included in the students who knew the most about EU general knowledge.  Before leaving Strasbourg, Addeys students spent some time in the town of Strasbourg discussing the difference between European and ‘British’ urbanism as a the legacy of the Renaissance. All in all, a great experience.