Debating Society

On June 1st four Year 12 students (Sophie Long, Daniel Nana-Klouvi, Sam Taylor and Tom Rigby) attended and participated in the Middle Temple Debating Society’s meeting at the Inns of Court in Central London, the home and historic core of London’s legal system.

They worked one-to-one with graduate law students on the motion or ‘moot’: ‘Every child has the right to know their family.’ This was guided by Judge John Mitchell who is also a school governor.

Judge Mitchell also took the students around the historic Middle Temple before he introduced the motion which raised difficult intellectual concepts such as whether rights are socially constructed or absolute; genetic or social – and just when does a person need to know who their biological parents are?

Once the debate was introduced the four Addeys students paired up with Temple students to either support or oppose the motion. They had to speak for 5 minutes each and listen to challenges and points of information when challenged.

The Addeys students performed to an exceptional level and were commended by the judges on their night for their structure, clarity and expressiveness as well as their ability to reason and persuade.

On the night, Sophie Long and Daniel Nana-Klouvi were both individually commended for their speech structure and ability to follow the argument. Hopefully the pictures give a flavour of the event which we hope to make a regular school commitment.

Finally a quote from Judge Mitchell:

'Addeys surpassed even the high expectations we have of them. They were excellent ambassadors for the school.'