Geographers getting muddy

On Friday 12th of July various year seven and eight members attending a trip, with the focus of participating in a River Wade at Deptford Creek whilst the river was at low tide. When we arrived the instructor told us briefly about the history of the Creek and how it has been forgotten about more recently and how people see it as an opportunity to redevelop it into a building rather than something with an extraordinary range of biodiversity.

As we began the walk we were given waders and sticks to ensure that we wouldn’t fall over. As we walked along the river we were told numerous facts about the Creek, such as how it was used as a sewerage system during The Great Stink and about the mosses growing on the sides of the embankment because of the water that it would use whilst the embankment was at low tide.

 Our river walk in the creek asked for our observation skills, as just like all rivers the creek has its fair share of artefacts. Our guide taught us about the many things that you could find in the creek and about the hundreds that have been found already. In our group of KS3 students we found a variety of things, for example two year seven girls found a chocolate bar stand from a newsagents, other year sevens found cooking utensils and we found a Victorian doorknob. We wish we could have kept the doorknob but the Creekside Centre employees keep everything that they find in a room at the centre. Their most important findings are on shelves in the centre for visitors to see. The things that you can find there go from an old animal bone to a poke ball (a pokemon toy).

Finally at the end of the walk we tried to catch some fish, unfortunately we only had approximately ten minutes to do that. But we were successful, catching a load of varieties of shrimps. Also during the walk the guide found a crab and a leech. Some people held the leech on their hand (it was not capable of sucking blood, don't worry), and one year seven girl was even brave enough to hold the crab. The guide told us how to sex a crab, our crab was a female because it had a circular marking on the underside of its body, if it was a male the underside would have been triangular not circular.

This HUG trip has been one of the best so far and we hope that there will be many more like it next year.


-Angelina Wilson
 Chloe North