In the last weeks of the summer term, the English and DT departments collaborated on Addey and Stanhope’s fourth essay competition, the Lloyd Ludwig Prize for International Affairs.

Walter Ludwig was an American teacher who taught at Addey and Stanhope in the 1940s. When he left, he donated some money to the school in memory of his brother Lloyd, so that students could understand that ‘“one world” is better than a world divided and suspicious’.

This year’s competition was on the theme of ‘Who is ultimately responsible for the impact of the things we consume?’ Students studied the global effects of production methods in Design and Technology lessons, while in English they learned how to structure their writing appropriately.

There were some excellent entries, but special congratulations go to our winners: Selma (now in 8S), Dylan (10P), and Bethany (10E). Each received book vouchers as well as a trophy shield.