Our school attendance target is 97% but last year it was lower than we would have liked at 94%. This means there were too many students missing too many days.  The government is getting much tougher on schools about attendance which means that we have to be much tougher on you if students miss school.  For example, the school is not allowed to authorise any holidays during term time.  If children have 5 or more days of unauthorised absence within a 12 week period the local authority can issue parents with a £60 fine.  To date we have only had 4 weeks of school this year so the last 8 weeks of the summer term will be taken into account.


We know that if children are really really poorly and have a contagious disease they cannot come to school but we also know that sometimes they might wake up in the morning not feeling 100% but then start to feel better as the morning goes on.  In cases like this it is essential that they come to school.  If there is any reason why your child does not want to come to school please speak to Mr Dine, our Attendance Officer, their form tutor or their Head of Year.  We want to work in partnership with you to ensure the best possible attendance for your child.