Business Studies Department forging corporate links

Year 12 BTEC Business students had their Unit 36, Starting a Business pitches judged by Mr Sam Ross, Legal Counsel at Barclays. Mr Ross spent two lessons reviewing students’ pitches before spending time mentoring small student groups, discussing how they could improve their work. Mr Ross was so impressed with the pitches he offered to come back to judge the final presentations with some colleagues and a suitcase full of cash!*


*We think this was a joke…


Kailia  and Khadija, Year 12 students had the following to say about Mr Ross’s visit:


The experience of Mr Ross giving us feedback on our business pitch was very helpful because it gave us a new perspective from an industry professional who assesses small business ideas all the time. He gave us a number of tips on how to improve our business pitch. Not only did he give us tips on how to improve but he also told us the positive things about our pitch. The feedback he gave us was very precise and helpful; after the lesson we knew exactly what we needed to add/change in order to get the best BTEC grade possible. We were nervous of Mr Ross at first because we thought he was going to judge us very critically, however we quickly realised that this was not the case. Mr Ross was only there to help us improve our work and not to destroy it! Overall, the experience helped us immensely; we are also a lot less nervous about speaking in front of business professionals!

Well done Year 12 and thank you Mr Ross!


Mr J Armstrong

BTEC Business Studies Teacher