October Attendance Update

Attendance has steadily improved since the start of term and our current attendance is 96.06% which means our students are in a strong position when it comes to making progress.  Thank you to all the parents who have been working closely with us to ensure that their children are in school every day and contacting us when they have been unable to attend school.  Many parents have also attended the various families evenings we have run so far in school and your feedback regarding our attendance strategy has been very positive.  We look forward to continuing our work with you regarding attendance so that our children have the best possible outcomes.


The following diary dates are important to note so that students are not missing school due to holidays. 





Friday, 23rd October  -  Half term begins at 3.20pm

Monday, 2nd November  -  School restarts at 8.30am

Friday, 18th December  -  Christmas holiday begins at lunchtime



Monday, 4th January  -  School restarts at 8.30am

Friday, 12th February  -  Half term begins at 3.20pm

Monday, 22nd February  -  School restarts at 8.30am

Thursday, 24th March  -  Easter holiday begins at 3.20pm


Monday, 11th April  -  School restarts at 8.30am

Monday, 2nd May  -  Bank Holiday NO SCHOOL

Friday, 27th May  -  Half term begins at 3.20pm

Monday, 6th June  -  Staff CPD  NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, 7th June  -  School restarts at 8.30am

Wednesday, 20th July  -  Summer holiday begins at lunchtime


The Autumn Term 2016 will begin on Monday, 5th September.