Thank you parents

Thank you to all of the parents who have attended events at the school so far this term.  We have been delighted with the attendance and also your feedback which is below. 

The areas of concern to you were also areas of concern to us and evaluation and practice change is already underway regarding progress and communication with parents.  Some of you have requested individual feedback which we hope you have received by now; if you haven’t heard back yet please contact Ms Ashton ( who will follow it up. 

Please also contact Ms Ashton if you are interested in being part of a Parents’ Forum.  Parental support and involvement in their child’s education can make the difference of 2 grades at GCSE and we want to work more closely than at present. 


Strongly agree/Agree

My child is happy at Addey and Stanhope.


My child feels safe at Addey and Stanhope.


My child makes good progress Addey and Stanhope.


My child is well looked after at Addey and Stanhope.


My child is taught well at Addey and Stanhope.


My child is set age appropriate homework at Addey and Stanhope.


Addey and Stanhope makes sure its students are well behaved.


Addey and Stanhope deals effectively with bullying.


Addey and Stanhope is well led and managed.


Addey and Stanhope responds well to any concerns I raise.


I receive valuable information from Addey and Stanhope about my child’s progress.


Would you recommend Addey and Stanhope to another parent?

YES:  92%