We’re Doing This For Jimmy

For Jimmy is now working with a group of Year 7 pupils from Addey & Stanhope as part of their social action schools programme, being carried out in 18 schools across three London boroughs. 


The project started with the pupils going to Deptford Green School, joining a group of their Year 9 pupils to hear Jimmy’s story and carry out a day of workshops, games and activities. The opening day was a chance for the young people to get to know eachother, the For Jimmy peer mentors and to get an idea of the project they will be carrying out.


Pupils are challenged to work for peace over the programme and to identify a social action project that meets the needs of the school, pupils and the local community. The charity will be working with pupils over the next two terms through 20 one-to-one and small group sessions.


“We believe that if young people feel they have a stake in their local community they will feel some responsibility for it and how it functions. Given the right guidance and opportunities, young people who may have been vulnerable to falling into crime, can be diverted from it.” Margaret Mizen, MBE


Their flagship project creates an experience that develops character, resilience and achievement. Empowering young people, democratising social action and build­ing a sustainable legacy for Jimmy.


Following the murder of their son Jimmy Mizen in May 2008, the Mizen family have been determined of two outcomes; they will not be beaten by his death and that something good will come from it. For Jimmy works to make young people safer by building a legacy of peace in Jimmy’s memory. They do this by creating unique projects that take young people beyond the school gates.