Latin News

Dr Jerry Toner from Cambridge University, Churchill college, gave a talk to year 11 Latin students about daily life in Pompeii on Friday 4th December.

Not much is known about the average Pompeian citizen, as most information is based on information recorded about high class, wealthy, romans. However, Dr Jerry Toner has specialised in this field and was able to bring Pompeii to life for our students at Addeys. During the 1h30min student learnt about women in Roman society, child birth, jobs, what real wages were, gladiators, fashion, the role of women in society and what it meant to own a slave.

Student were a credit to the school - they questioned Dr Toner about all aspects of Roman life and the talk was very lively and informative. They now are looking forward to our next talk from Dr Zena Kamash on January 8th were they will learn about what people ate in Roman times.

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