Year 9 Cyber Ready Day for Girls

Year 9 Cyber Ready Day for Girls 

Baker and McKenzie Law Firm, in collaboration with the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, invited Addey and Stanhope to their first Cyber security Girls’ Day. The aim of the day was to dispel the myth that technology is ‘not for women’ and to inspire girls into the area of Computer Programming.

Ten Year 9 girls were selected to attend the event at Baker and McKenzie, one of the world’s largest law firms, on Monday 14th March 2016.

The girls were able to explore the evolution of technology, physically touch the technology that existed 50 years ago and actively engage in coding activities.

The girls worked with other schools around London and demonstrated their coding skills in an activity where they were given a game to code.

The event then proceeded by allowing the students to hear inspirational talks from men and women from Barclays, HSBC, Accenture, Semantic, BT , Daily Mail General Trust  and a Government Personnel.

The part that the students enjoyed the most was the speed networking activity which gave students the opportunity to show off their networking skills and ask the role models a number of questions about the different career opportunities.