Speak Out Challenge for Year 10!

Speak Out Challenge for Year 10!


In April Ms Dalafu selected 29 Year 10 students to take part in the Jack Petchey “Speak Out” challenge.  The students were chosen from the four tutor groups.  The “Speak Out” challenge is designed to specifically help young people develops their public speaking skills and confidence.  The students ended their day by giving a 2 minute speech to the rest of the group. 

Two winners, Curtis 10A and Akin 10E, were chosen to represent the school at the Lewisham Regional Final which was held at Prendergast Hillyfields School on Wednesday, 11th May 2016.


The feedback from the students was fantastic, and their comments below show how much they have benefited from taking part:


100% thought the training was ‘very good’ or ‘good’

100% thought the trainer was ‘very good’ or ‘good’

86% would be interested in further workshops


Student comments:


"It was very interesting, especially that I feel more confident to speak in front of a group of people"

"Today was a very informative day and made me feel better for presenting my deputy head girl application speech"

"It’s an experience that will change a shy person’s life forever"

"I gained so much confidence in myself


Their trainer from the Jack Petchey organisation Ereni was incredibly impressed with them on the day and she wrote the following endorsement:


“It was an absolute pleasure to work with this group of Year 10 Addey and Stanhope students and watch them go from strength to strength over the course of the day J.  They were a fantastic group of young adults, both leaning in to their own learning and incredibly supportive of each other.  Initially some students were understandably quite tentative about the prospect of public speaking; however over the course of the workshop, the majority of the students’ nerves seemed to ebb away.  Trust in what we were doing and the group dynamic itself seemed to grow and students started to blossom in a way that was very life affirming and heart-warming, both for themselves and each otherJ.  Many thanks to Mrs Orowale for her support during the training session.”


Addeys has a long tradition of participating and achieving in the Speak Out Challenge. Last year’s winner was an Addeyan, and the year before we were runners up. No doubt Akin and Curtis worked extremely hard to maintain the standard.

Akin spoke on how social media has actually made society more unsocial.

Curtis spoke on the disproportionate fear people have about terrorism. 

I was so proud of their presentations and the way they conducted themselves  - true Addeyans. 

Akin is the Speak Out Champion for Lewisham and you can see his award winning speech by clicking on the link below

Well done Akin!



Ms Dalafu

Head of Year 10