Science and Technology Challenge Day

The Bexley and Lewisham Science and 

Technology Challenge Day 

For Gifted and Talented Year 8 and Year 9




On Monday 13th June, twelve of our Gifted and Talented Scientists from Year 8 and 9 attended The Bexley and Lewisham Science and Technology Challenge Day at the University of Greenwich, accompanied by Mr Yazdanpanah and Miss Irshad. 


Working together in mixed school teams of four, the students undertook three 75 minute practical activities. These focused on increasing their awareness of the application of science and in developing skills that will be needed in the workplace such as hospitals, Industrial design, IT and engineering. Marks were awarded for planning, team work and the finished product. The local Deputy Lieutenant was invited to present awards to members of each winning team.


Addey and Stanhope students came first in two challenges, E-FIT and Robotics, and third in two other challenges, Electric vehicle and Medics. 


The Winning challenges:


The Robotics Challenge 

Students worked with the team from the University of Manchester, they programmed a new robot which has been developed involving the latest Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots. Each robot was equipped with infrared and light sensors, which were used to program the robot to avoid obstacles. Students planned and then programmed the robots to complete the challenge. At the end they had the highest point for their team work, planning and Programming. 


The E-FIT Challenge 

Students witnessed a simulated crime being committed and then used E-FIT software to construct a computer image of the thief. The software is used by the majority of the police forces across the UK. Students were encouraged to consider the problems associated with memory and with facial recognition. 

Our students scored the highest mark recreating the suspect’s image by the software.