Cashless Catering and Parentmail

Our Cashless Catering System is live no cash is being accepted in the canteen! 


What this means for parents:

You will need to sign up for ParentMail the app/online service we intend to use to take payments for canteen purchases. If you cannot make card payments the software can produce a PayPoint barcode which you can top up in local PayPoint outlets (similar to other bill payments).

If you have not yet received a registration email or SMS, chances are we have not got up-to-date contact information for you. Please use the link below to provide this:

All we require is a valid email address and mobile phone number.

An email will be sent to you within 6 hours to complete the registration process.


What this means for students:

You will have to use biometric data or an issued PIN to use canteen services.

If you have not handed in your permissions form for biometric data to be used and would like to use it, please collect a form from reception and get your parents to sign it, in the meantime you will be able to use the PIN that will be issued to you to access services.

Free School Meals students will have their entitlement loaded to there account and will NO LONGER have to queue for a meal ticket. If you would like to spend beyond your meal deal such as during break or in the morning you will need to top up your account accordingly.


How to access ParentMail:

Visit or visit the IOS/Android App stores and type in 'Addey and Stanhope School' to download the App today.

From October we will also use this service for all home communication with Parents.

If you are having trouble using the parentmail service, please use the comprehensive help service below: