Urban Synergy Careers Evening: an inspirational event.

On the evening of Wednesday 13th September, Addey and Stanhope were proud to host a careers speed-networking event in partnership with Urban Synergy.  Over 60 students attended the session which provided them with the opportunity to speak to professionals from the fields of medicine, law, banking, publishing, entertainment and consultancy – to name a few!

Ms Shapiro extended a warm welcome to the impressive line-up of role models which included: Adrian Grant, Producer for Key Concerts, Raissa Uwineze, Business Community Manager for Workspace, and Andy Loe, Head of IDN and Management Systems at Thomson Reuters. 

Sue Watson, Director of Caatalyst UK Limited, opened the event with an account of her own career pathway.  Sue shared that she had failed her maths GCSE three times but now runs an accountancy organisation.  She stressed to students the importance of not being discouraged by failure and encouraged them to try and try again to achieve their goals.

Panel-member and key-note speaker Raissa Uwineza, encouraged students to think of themselves as ‘unique’ and not to follow the crowd – life lessons born of her own experiences as a child refugee from the Rawandan civil war.

Following key note speeches, students had the opportunity to network with over 20 professionals from diverse careers.  The feedback from Addeyans was overwhelmingly positive.  Comments included:

“My plan A is to become a social worker and plan B is becoming a fire-fighter, but I am always open to suggestions and after this event, I have plenty to write into the target-setting diary I keep.”  

“It was helpful to hear how people tonight had kept trying even if they failed at something.”  

“I really picked up on how people here did not take ‘no’ as the last word.  It has reminded me that there are always opportunities out there even if you have to make them for yourself.  You have to work hard.”

Urban Synergy were founded, and are run by, several Lewisham entrepreneurs and businesspeople who also gave up their evening to take part in the networking event.  They are an award winning charity that helps hundreds of young people between 11-18 years of age reach their full potential through outcome focussed mentoring programmes, inspirational seminars and work experience.  Addey and Stanhope look forward to a continued partnership with them.