Students Win Second Prize at Chemistry Festival

On Wednesday 23rd of May, four students won second place in the Salter's Chemistry Challenge at Queen Mary University. Taina (8E), Katie (7S), Sean (8S) and Jacob (7A) competed with 23 other schools from London, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Essex and Berkshire, winning prizes for themselves and the Science Department.

The objective of Salter’s Festival of Chemistry is to help promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences among the young. Taina said, “The experience of going to Queen Mary University was exciting and challenging at the same time, making me want to learn more about Chemistry! We did many experiments that were fascinating and new. My favourite part was when we had to think for ourselves in order to solve problems.”

These one-day fun events promote what Chemistry is all about – enquiry into, and understanding of, the materials around us. We are extremely proud of the four students. They engaged well with the challenge, demonstrated good skills and, above all, enjoyed the day.