Jeans for Genes Day

Tanaka (11A) explains what went on:

'On 5th October, students took part in Jeans for Genes, raising £554 for people with genetic disorders such as sickle cell anaemia.  To try and help students understand what a genetic disorder is, Key Stage Three students received a science lesson on how sickle cell anaemia is inherited and the effects it may have on a young person’s life. Year 11 Science Ambassadors, who work closely with the Science department to ensure the overall success of science at Addeys, took an active role in teaching some of these lessons, either teaching it in pairs or by themselves.

Joel (7A) said: ‘I enjoyed Ethan and Derim’s lesson because they made it fun to do.’

Amal (7A) said: ‘The reason I enjoyed it was because it taught me that people all round the world have sickle cell anaemia. I really wish when I am in Year 11 I could teach some Year 7s as well.’

In order to raise the money, students from across the school paid £1 to wear a pair of jeans for the day. Also, a competition to design a pair of jeans was run in collaboration with the Textiles department. It attracted over forty entries and was won by Najma (7A), who won a £25 voucher for a pair of jeans.

Congratulations and a huge thank you to everyone who did their part to make Jeans for Genes day such a successful event.'