Student Poetry

In a recent assembly, Kimberley (9S) celebrated the work of suffragettes in achieving women's rights by reading this original poem:

Our Past


Back in those days the times were rough,

And then women decided they had to get tough –

Because they had, quite simply, had enough.

They felt like they were nothing and that they were only there for pleasure.

So they wised up and showed men they could measure.

They stood up for what they believed in through the thick and thin

Because they knew, no matter what, the government would soon have to give in.

They disregarded the consequences and broke all the rules

And made the ignorant men look like fools.

When they got what they wanted, they felt proud.

They shouted ‘Women have power!’ extremely loud.

If not for these courageous women we would still be under those laws,

So let’s give them all a big round of applause!