Think Further: Academic Role Model Seminar

Despite the atrocious weather, over 90 Year 10 and 11 students, with some parents, braved the elements to attend an academic role model seminar hosted by Urban Synergy on Monday, 26th November.  The evening began with refreshments and was followed by a panel session from young people who are currently at a top university, or who have recently graduated.  The facilitator posed set questions such as “What advice would you give a young person who is lacking confidence or unsure about whether university is right for them?”, “Who inspired and supported you?” and “What motivated you in pursuing your goals?”. 

After this session the students moved on to the highlight of the evening which was the speed mentoring session.  This involved the students sitting in groups and the role models visiting them at 10 minute intervals.  It was in these sessions that Addeys students were able to grill them individually which they certainly did asking some very probing questions. 

The evening was so successful that nobody wanted to leave and despite a finishing time of 8.30pm a number of people were still talking to the role models at 9pm!  It was great to see that so many of our students engaged with an event which can only lead to higher aspirations for the future.  Well done everyone… and congratulations also to Amel, 10P and Monique, 11P who won the prize draws.