Blue Cube Art and Music Exhibition

The Blue Cube Art Exhibition was a very successful evening which was enjoyed by all who attended.  There was a vibrant display of artwork from across all of the year groups. Pupils had created artwork including their own Gothic tributes to the legend of The Green Man, Indian patterns, mandalas to more contemporary ‘Pop Art’ images and both manga and anime tributes to Banksy.

Refreshments were laid on for visitors and threading through all of this was the music of Addey’s house band and KS3/4 students making superb sounds. During the evening, parents, pupils and staff voted for their favourite images. Over a hundred votes were received. The winners were as follows:

The artists who received the winning number of votes were as follows:

 1st Thu (11P)

 2nDKelly (9E)

 3rd Andrew (9A)

Thanks to everyone who attended and especially those superstars who actually helped to put the entire performance together! The PAVA faculty is already looking forward to the next one!