Trip to Parliament

Ashleigh (8E) wrote this account of the Friday 30th November trip:

"When we arrived we were split into different groups for our tour around Parliament. Firstly, my group were shown the House of Commons. We were able to see a group of MPs debating. This was interesting to watch as we could see how everything worked. Next we were taken to the House of Lords. Unfortunately we were not allowed inside the House of Lords as it had just finished for the day.  We had a tour of Westminster Hall which was very grand but absolutely freezing.

We went on to a conference room and talked about how new laws are made and how MPs decide whether to pass the law or not. We had our own debate and discussed whether we think people should be allowed out of school for lunch or not.

Overall, I enjoyed this trip and thought it was interesting. It helped me to understand more about how laws are made and how Parliament worked. I learnt a lot from this trip and would recommend people to visit Parliament for themselves.  Thanks to Mr Mason for organising the trip, even though he wasn’t able to come himself!"