Growing Doctors Programme

Zumeya (8S) wrote this account:

On Tuesday the18th of December Faisa (8A), Molly (8A), Akeem (8E), Calvin (8P) and I had the opportunity to take part in activities as part of the Growing Doctors programme. It was founded by Doctor Danny Router and the aim is to get more students from the London Borough of Lewisham to become doctors. Lots of different school choose students who have an interest in medicine to join the programme.

The day began at St Matthews’ Academy where we all met up. From there we set off for King’s College London, Guy’s Campus, where a host of activities related to medicine, both practical and theoretical, took place. We practiced suturing, taking blood from a dummy, dissecting a lamb’s heart and CPR. We learned how much fat and salt was in our favourite foods, taking blood pressure and learned about the function of the lungs and the heart. Then we had a tour around the campus and site.

During lunch, Doctor Danny Router came and talked to us about this opportunity and our day.

To sum up, I would say that the activities were really fun! It is hard to choose a favourite but I liked taking the blood and CPR the most! The trip and the mentoring programmes have definitely made me more eager to pursue my dream of being a doctor. We all received certificates and prizes for our participation.