Addeys success at Lewisham Book Awards

Many congratulations to Curtis Trynka 7A who was in the winning joint schools team at the Lewisham Book Award event held at Bonus Pastor School on March 20th. The running up team included both Shuayb Rahman and Safia Mohamed of 7A. As this was the first time our school had participated in the award we are all very proud of them.

Students have spent this term reading the 8 short listed books , discussing them at our weekly after school Book Club meetings and posting reviews and comments on our website

Students  were required to make a joint presentation to the judges on one of the books - convincing them that it was the best book. The winning teams ( of which there were 11 in total) showed evidence of excellent collaboration and team work as well as knowledge of and enthusiasm for the books. We will be awarding all participants in the award certificates at next week's assembly.