Y11 Easter Revision Forum

It is only a few short weeks now until the main GCSE season begins.  We will be running our annual Easter revision forum for Year 11s starting on Tuesday, 2nd April up to Friday, 12th April.  In the past this has proved to be an extremely effective use of time for staff and students.  Those students who have attended and worked productively during each session have always performed better in the exams than those who didn’t attend.  The idea behind the revision forum is to give the students a boost for their revision.  It should supplement the revision they are already doing and should not be the only revision done during the holidays.

We expect a high standard of behaviour from students attending the sessions and those who do not behave well will be asked to leave and will then not be allowed to attend any further sessions.  Due to the ongoing maintenance programme in school students are only allowed to go to the rooms they are working in and use the toilets.

As there will be no canteen service during the holidays, and the lunch break is very short, I advise that your son/daughter brings a packed lunch and drink to school so that the afternoon session can begin on time.

If for any reason your son/daughter cannot attend the revision forum during the Easter holiday please let me know before the end of term. 

Thank you for your continued support and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Miss Ashton.

The timetable for the Easter Revision Forum can be downloaded here.