Temples & Tributaries

Back in February the HUG visited the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasdon for a tour of Britain’s largest Hindu temple.  The group were treated to a tour of the breathtaking building – 5,000 tonnes of marble carved in India and assembled in London.  We then explored the exhibition on Hinduism before finally having a Q&A with one of the temple members.  We now know why Ganesh has an elephant’s head so just ask a member of the HUG gang to find out!

This term we stayed a little closer to home for a Geography focussed trip to Deptford Creekside Centre.  Waders on and walking poles at the ready, we brave few made our way in to the murky depths of the River Ravensbourne.  It was tough going as Thamim will tell you but well worth the effort to catch our own crabs, leeches and shrimp.  We also learnt about the flood defences along the river and the history of how this important waterway put Deptford on the map. 

HUG continue to explore the wider realms of humanities within our city so if you are interested in out more about what we do please see Miss Tappous.