Carnegie Medal Party

Yesterday we had a party for the students who have been taking part in the Carnegie Medal Shadowing Scheme,( the winner of the award was announced yesterday lunchtime. There was cake decorated with the covers of the 8 books on the shortlist. The shortlist was only announced in March, so the students really had to get stuck into reading!

The following students were involved in the shadowing:

Year 7: Vincent, Jesse, Harry, Ruby, Heyly, Bolanle, Safia, Curtis, Bethany, and Dylan

Year 8: Molly, Heather, Katie, Annie

Between them they posted 21 reviews on the Carnegie website.

The two reading groups were led by Ms Taylor and Mrs Bentley, our librarians, with the support of Ms Wasilewsk and Mr Maskery . In the last couple of weeks the Thursday group has been joined by teachers reading from their favourite books or authors - Mr Davis talking about George Orwell, Mr Taylor talking about Plato and Mr Teager talking about Douglas Adams' The hitchhikers guide to the universe.