Code of Conduct

  • All students should enter, leave and move around the buildings and classrooms in a quiet, orderly and safe manner.
  • All outdoor clothing should be removed inside the buildings
  • Full school uniform should be worn in the correct way
  • All necessary books and equipment, including the student planner, should be placed on the desk at the beginning of lessons and registration. Bags should be put in the appropriate place
  • Students should not speak when the teacher or another student is talking to the class
  • Students should only talk with permission and should listen carefully at all other times
  • Students should remain in their seats at all times except when directed otherwise
  • Students should pack away their books and equipment only when asked to do so.

Mobile phones and electronic devices in school

We understand that parents and carers may wish their children to carry mobile phones.  However, there is clear evidence that they distract from learning and that phones are a significant factor in bullying when used inappropriately.

  • All mobile phones should be switched off completely at all times on site and throughout the school day.
  • Mobile phones, headphones, ear-phones and other electronic equipment should not be visible. 
  • Mobile phones can be used in classrooms for learning at the discretion of the teacher.
  • It is your child’s responsibility to ensure that that this equipment is kept safely in their bag.
  • Where a pupil does not follow this clear policy, the device will be confiscated.  It will be placed in a safe. 
  • You will be telephoned to advise you of this.
  • The phone or equipment will be returned when collected by a parent/carer unless the school is notified of another adult collecting the phone.

Items not allowed in School

Dangerous items, and items which the school considers to be dangerous, must not be brought into school. Students must not behave in a manner which the school regards as dangerous and which could put others at risk. Students who breach this rule will be at risk of permanent exclusion.

The following items should not be brought into school under any circumstances:
  • Chewing or bubble gum
  • Tippex or any other correcting fluid
  • Personal stereo equipment
  • Jewellery
  • Glass bottles
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes and any illegal substances
  • Matches and lighters
  • Fireworks
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in school, to and from school, and on any school journey
  • Eating and drinking in classrooms is not allowed at any time