Founders' Day 2023

News - 03/03/2023

Generations of Addeyans came together for a very special evening on Thursday 2nd March 2023.

Thursday 2nd March 2023 marked an important day for Addey & Stanhope.  Our school Founders’ Day is traditionally celebrated on the first Thursday in March and has been, for over 300 years.  Around 100 ex-scholars attended to reminisce and reunite with friends – and of course sing the school song!  They all had one thing in common – a real love for their school and cherished memories – once an Addeyan, always an Addeyan.

Our school pledge is as significant now, as it has always been:

We are thankful for the love and imagination of John Addey and George Stanhope, and for the generosity of all unknown people who have helped found this school.  And for the labours of those who have carefully husbanded our resources and used them to our advantage.  We give thanks also for all those teachers, parents and pupils who have given generously of their spiritual, mental and physical resources, and have handed to us the life and tradition of the school for our safekeeping. On this, our Founders' Day, we renew our pledge to make all our deeds and thoughts worthy of our inheritance.

We declare our determination to serve this school and, through it, the community and all of humanity. Let us help each other to use our abilities to the full so that they may be worthy gifts to offer to our fellow pupils.  as scholars, let us follow the search for truth wherever it leads. 

At sport, let us play fairly however hard the game becomes.  And at craft, let us try to express beauty in whatever we create.  Above all, let truth, fairness and beauty be so reflected in our daily lives that we may become an inspiration to future members of this school, as the past members have been an inspiration to us.